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The AO Bloc Pro Scooter is the newest Hybrid Scooter from AO. The Bloc's aluminum bars make the scooter light enough to learn any "park" trick, but it is not a scooter pinned into one corner! The Bloc can ride anything you throw at it because of its 5" wide deck. The wider deck will give riders more foot space, obviously making the scooter more comfortable, as well as giving the rider a large platform to lock into grinds! Riders who are not fans of square, "street", decks will love the scooter as well because it features angled drop outs, which reduce weight, but also gives riders the ability to ride pegs easier. The Bloc also comes with 115mm scooter wheels, this is larger than the industry standard 110mm, so it will give the deck a little more clearance! Overall, we would recommend the AO Bloc Pro Scooter to a rider who is looking for a lighter scooter geared towards park riding and tricks, but is also looking for something that is not pinned into one corner of the spectrum. The scooter is built for beginner to intermediate level, but will not hold a rider back if they are progressing very quickly. In other words, as the rider's skill increases, the scooter will NOT hold them back.