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North Scooters Tomahawk Print 3.5 Complete Scooter

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The 2019 North Tomahawk is a great complete scooter for all types of riders and has a ton of features you won’t find on any other complete.

The technical features of this scooter like the extruded x brace top tube on our aluminum bars allow the tomahawk to be lightweight without sacrificing any strength, paired with a boxed end deck, SCS compression and a 30mm wide wheel setup, the Tomahawk is a scooter that is perfectly suited for any riding style.

As far as high end completes go the Tomahawk really has it all, and North was able to deliver all these features at a much better price than comparable completes on the market, making it a no brainer for people in the market for a complete scooter.



Deck: 4.7” wide x 20.5” long (120mm x 521mm)

Bar: 22.5” wide x 25.5” high (571.5mm x 648mm)




Deck: North Paradise Deck | 4.7” x 20.5” (120mm x 521mm)

Headtube Angle: 83 degrees

Bar: North Force Bar | 22.5” x 25.5” (571.5mm x 648mm)

Fork: North Akimbo Fork (6061 T6 Aluminum)

Headset: North, fully integrated

Compression: SCS

Clamp: Hammer SCS

Wheels: North Vacant Xl Hollow core (115mm X 30mm)

Brake: North Flex Brake

Grips: North Regatta Grips

Total Weight: 10.25lbs (4.66 kg)