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Over a year of testing within the professional community went into the SLI peg, for just the right combination of slide to stall ratio. The recycled UHMW sleeve, and Stress-Proof Steel Core were hand-selected for their extreme durability, and unique ability to slide on any surface. From concrete, to brick and wood, any rider who loves grinds can now look at obstacles in new ways.

It is the first plastic peg with cores that run the entire length of the peg, with ability to replace the sleeves when they wear out. We back our sleeves with a 60 Day Grind Guarantee - we are so confident they'll hold up, we dare you to try and grind through them that quick! (Warning: These puppies slide... They have been known to last upwards of a year, even under heavy use by pros.)

Hand-assembled and packaged with care, by scooter riders, in Sunbury, PA.


  • 2 x SLI Pegs (assembled Stress Proof Steel Inner Core and Recycled UHMW-PE plastic outer sleeve)
  • 1 x 70mm Grade 12.9 Bolt for Front Wheel Use
  • 1 x 110mm Grade 12.9 Bolt for Rear Wheel Use
  • 2 x Nylock M8 Nuts
  • 4 x Steel Washers for Tight Fit that Lasts