Soul Flow Pro Scooters

Soul Flow Signature T Bars (Pre Order Ships In Two Weeks)

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(Pre Order Ships In approximately Two Weeks)

Bars Only Available In:

street Lights 

Cherry Bomb

We are proud to introduce our signature T pro scooter bars.

Choose from four custom colors:

- SF Teal

- Cherry Bomb Red

- Street Lights  (Low Key Rainbow)

- Gloss Black 

These bars are made in America, by riders for riders. 

High quality craftsmanship and materials go into each bar made.What sets out bars apart from the others is their extra strong cross bar, high quality welding and our signature colors.

All of our products are team tested, team ridden and team approved!

When you buy one of our products, your supporting actual riders and the positive progression of the sport!

So, we thank you very much!

Our bars are available in both standard and oversized, and are suitable for all riders

If you need our help,we are just a phone call or an email away.
Contact us anytime!


    4130 Chromoly

    24" Wide 28" Tall

   .083" Thick Crossbar

   .065" Standard Downtube

    Made in USA

    Made by RIders


    No Slit

If you are running an IHC or HIC compression system you will need a slit cut in your bars.

Please see our Bar Cut Modifications in the PARTS menu under BARS to customize the Height and Width of your bars; as well as the option of a Slit.


We offer a 6 month bar warranty.

After 91-180 days from purchase you can purchase a replacement bar at an incredibly discounted cost.